Road Closure

From Monday 25th July to Friday 2nd September, the B3108 between Bradford on Avon and Winsley is closed. This will affect teams playing at Winsley, and in some instances, will also affect teams travelling to/from Bear Flat, Combe Down and Hinton Charterhouse. The recommended diversion is 18 miles. Please check your route before you travel, and allow extra travel time if necessary.

Teams without a match on Saturday 20th Aug 2022.

Goatacre 3 (Division 5)

Spye Park (Division 5)

Corsham 4 (Division 7 West)

Melksham 2 (Division 8 West)

White Horse (Division 3)

Potterne 3 (Division 3)

Teams without a match on Saturday 27th Aug 2022.

Bear Flat (Division 1)

Avebury (Division 1)

Marshfield 3 (Division 7 West)

Box 2 (Division 8 West)

Roll of Honour

Batting Roll of Honour - Weekend of 13 August
Prashant Joshi 187 Swindon NALGO 2 v Allington Division 6
Jack Vittles 141 Bradford-on-Avon v Swindon 2 Division 2
Tom Spencer 125 Potterne 3 @ Swindon 3 Division 3
Alex Ayers 122 Avebury @ Calne Division 1
Yusuf Khan 115 Swindon 2 @ Bradford-on-Avon Division 2
Edward Read 113 * Heytesbury & Sutton Veny @ Goatacre 3 Division 5
Ali Hughes 111 Trowbridge 3 @ Calne 3 Division 8 West
Evan Collier 108 Warminster 2 v Swindon United Churches Division 2
Fin Tuttle 106 * Great Bedwyn @ Royal Wootton Bassett 2 Division 3
Wahab Khalid 105 * Swindon NALGO @ Winsley Division 1
Bowling Roll of Honour - Weekend of 13 August
Graham Booth 4.5-3-1-5 Trowbridge 3 @ Calne 3 Division 8 West
Ben Brown 7.0-2-6-5 Melksham 2 v Chippenham 6 Division 8 West
Harrison Burridge 7.0-2-12-5 Purton 2 v Beckington 2 Division 5
Ravi Teja Rayudu 5.3-0-13-5 Marlborough @ Malmesbury Division 1
Luke Seymour 7.4-2-15-5 Trowbridge 2 @ Burbage & Easton Royal 2 Division 2
Mark Holgate 5.1-0-20-5 Winsley 3 @ Marshfield 3 Division 7 West
Matt Cox 9.0-2-28-5 Marshfield 2 @ White Horse Division 3
Nirmal Singh 7.0-0-29-5 Buscot Park @ Wilcot Division 5
Harry Roke 7.1-0-33-5 Blunsdon v Calne 2 Division 6
Charlie Bevan 4.3-2-4-4 Potterne 3 @ Swindon 3 Division 3

Pitch Marks

In order to understand how the league can help clubs who have issues with their pitch, if a mark of 2 or below is given in any pitch mark category, it is now required that further information is provided in the notes section.

Pitch Marks

The pitch marks for the first half of the season can be downloaded here.

Under 18 Captains

Please note that for all teams, either the captain or vice captain must be over 18, and where the captain is under 18, the vice captain must make himself known to the opposition captain and any non-playing umpires before the start of play.

Disciplinary Reports

Please ensure that where a disciplinary report is to be submitted, the offending team's captain is informed that a report will be submitted before you leave the ground. As per league rule 47(c) and as stated at the AGM, if this is not done, the report cannot be accepted.

Umpire Points in Abandoned Matches

As per league rule 40(a)(iii), umpire points are only awarded if at least 10 overs are played. I have now updated the website code to reflect this, and have updated the points for the matches on 2nd July to reflect this.

AGM Date

The AGM has been moved to 22nd November 2022 to avoid a clash with England's match in the FIFA World Cup.

Captains Responsibilities - Safeguarding

The County Welfare Officer has put together a two-page summary of the safeguarding responsibilities which apply to all captains. You can download it here.

Captains Responsibilities - Discipline

A captains meeting was held at the Spring Meeting to provide information on a captains responsibilities for discipline. You can read the notes here.

League Rules - Covid Update

The League Rules for 2022 have just been updated to reflect the current situation with Covid-19. In brief:
- No saliva is to be applied to the ball. See Appendix E for details.
- There are no other Covid-based restrictions.

The league rules can be found here.

WCCL Circular March 2022

The March 2022 WCCL Circular has been sent to clubs. It contains information on:

- The Spring Meeting / Captain's Meeting
- The League Rules 2022
- Teas
- Defibrillator Information
- Club Welfare Officers
- Umpires
- The league AGM

You can download it here.

League Rules 2022

The league rules for 2022 are now available to download from here

WCCL AGM Minutes

The minutes of the WCCL AGM held on 29th November 2021 are now available to download.

Online Umpire Course

The ECB ACO Stage One umpire course is available to do as a free online course. You can access it via this link. It takes 3-4 hours to complete. Once completed, you will be considered to be forum-trained. Please send your certificate to the Admin Officer so that your player record can be updated accordingly.